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Tips To Enhance Your Breast & Improve Your Breast Health

 by Julie Walker


Following measures are recommended by medical experts to protect your breasts while maximizing your overall health: Do exercises that involve the movements of your shoulders and build up your chest and upper arm strength regularly. Color TVs, microwave ovens, and computer screens release radiation that can cause damaged tissue. Use protected computer display terminals and try to keep a good distance like 3m away from your TV. Do not stand right next to your microwave. Try to avoid using microwave, and use healthier cooking methods like your over or stove as more nutrients will be kept. Eat a well-balanced diet - Include lots of fruits and vegetables, and keep your intake of fried foods, red meat, and junk food to a bare minimum. Prevent taking hydrogenated fats like margarine and vegetable shortening. (Be conscious of products that are in many store-bought crackers, cakes, and cookies - even health-store brands.) Cook with olive, peanut, sunflower, or sesame oils and butter or - better still - clarified butter (ghee) on bread. Send optimistic messages to your breasts. Breasts are not time bombs. Stride out in confidence

Hypnotherapy is probably one of the most effective ways to achieve this as it can help to release conflicts, depression, blocks and illness between your mind and body. Avoid excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages - Some studies indicate there may be a link between drinking alcohol and an increase risk for breast cancer. Occasional red / white wine is fine or rather it benefits your health. Use hormone-free contraception - Try not to use the pill for long term and synthetic hormone therapies when necessary. A number of natural substitutes to hormone therapies are emerging on the market. Adopt positive female role models by having beautiful female images to view at home and at work. Do not use underarm deodorant that contains aluminum salts or other compounds. Aluminum is a heavy metal that can enter the blood and lymph systems through the skin and severely challenge the immune system.

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