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  Tips For Summer Make Up

Taking care of yourself is a daily affair. It is part of that well-groomed look. In fact, beauty is not just a question of how you look, but how you feel and at no time is this more relevant than during the hot days of summer.
Make-up and grooming both pose problems during summers. Due to excessive heat and perspiration, make-up never seems to last. Therefore it should be kept to a bare minimum, especially during the day.
For facial skin
After using lipstick, add a touch of lip-gloss, which actually gives a "cool" look. Or, you can use frosty lipsticks. You can even add a touch of your lip-gloss on the centre of the upper eyelids. These are some of the tricks to look cool.
For colors in lipstick, choose from light pink and mauve, which are "icy” colors and look cool. It may be a good idea to stick to lip-gloss during the day. For the night, you should use brighter colors, as artificial light tends to drain color. You can go for plum, wine, burgundy, coral, bronze. You can even wear a bright red at night.
For your eyes
Eye make-up during the day should also be light. In fact, you can leave out eyeliner and pencil and line your eyes with brown eye shadow. Then apply mascara. This helps to darken the eyes, without heavy eye make-up.
For the night, eye make-up can be heavier, lining the lids with eyeliner or pencil. If you use eyeliner, smudge the line with a sponge applicator. This gives a smoky effect and is better than a harsh black line. At night, use a frosted highlight (white or very light color) on the brow bone and shine on the eyelids.
As far as grooming is concerned, the golden rule for summer is simplicity. Loose, light clothing is much more appropriate and comfortable during summer. Cotton shields can be used under the arms to absorb sweat and protect clothing. Daily changes of clothing are a must. In fact, in summer two changes of clothing help to avoid body odour.
For your clothes, simple lines and pastel, serene colors would be suitable. Flowing styles look and feel cool. Another "cool" trick is to use two shades of the same color, like two progressive shades of silver blue or powder pink. Stick to neutral shades and favor whites. Materials, like cotton, organza, chiffon, lace and so on, look summery and feel comfortable.
Avoid synthetic fabrics, as they do not allow perspiration to evaporate. Tight figure hugging dresses should also be avoided. Large prints or bold abstract ones detract from the cool look. Candy stripes and baby checks in soft pastel shades, trimmed with lace, looks attractive in hot weather. If you are in the mood for prints, go for the soft, subtle shades, which merge into one another.
For your feet
Pay special attention to your feet. After washing them well. Dry thoroughly and apply talcum powder. If you wear closed shoes, sprinkle some in the shoes too. In the hot season, slippers and open sandals are best, as they allow the perspiration to evaporate. However, open footwear attracts dirt and foot hygiene becomes all the more important. After a hot day, soak your feet in cold water, to which some salt has been added.
During summer, keep to light fragrances, rather than heavy concentrated ones. A light cologne or toilet water may be enough. Floral or lemony fragrances are just right in summer. Cologne, after a shower, can be most refreshing.


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